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  1. We Want top midfielder ( Pogba ) before to top defender, Priority Pogba ... i don't see chance better than ( Ricardo Pererira ) if Cancelo leave in the end but his name didn't mention!
  2. Please No Icardi, then Keep Dybala the most important, and if keep Higuain mean No Icardi SURE Ok , i still believe D.Costa have more but let's see what will happen, Ronaldo ( Berna ) - Dybala ( Higuain ) - D.Costa/Dybala ( Orso )
  3. Bring top one with more Guarantee ( Pogba ) = Better than bring someone with more risks and not cheap Also ( SMS 80-90 Zaniolo 60-70 ) if i can bring another free transfer he would be : Ander Herrera not Rabiot, but with sorry he is close from Psg! & Bring Orsolini enough ( without Chiesa ) in Defend i agree not need pay a lot for anyone ( like De Ligt ) but Manolas ? Not convincing enough,
  4. I said Guardiola & Momblano Fake Fake Fake but many fans didn't want to Believe !! Welcome Sarri Again & Again & Again & Again ! ForzaJuve
  5. Pogba We want #PogBack Soon De ligt very expensive and close to Psg i think ! We should focus in Pogba in First , no De ligt no Chiesa no Icardi .... etc
  6. No Need him, Spinazzola can be starter if Alex Sandro go and I see Guerreiro from BVB good Choice !
  7. Fanatical minds in football will never live comfortably! Learn from the words of your legends and Buffon is not the first and not the last one who speaks these words, but he is the closest person can talk to us about Conte and not you! The years go on and you are still nervous, you saw Andrea Agnelli himself does not care for all of you and nominated --- Moratti --- to head the Figc!

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