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  1. metaljuve21

    E ora? Topic di discussione sul futuro della squadra

    Non mi sembra per niente un upgrade Aouar, Arthur, Rabiot. Forse Rabiot riserva, e Pogba in. Anche cosi non pare centrocampo top...
  2. metaljuve21

    Con Arthur la palla è in banca

    This. When he has the ball I am relaxed. Never loose it.
  3. metaljuve21

    Con l'avvento del web sono spariti gli intoccabili?

    Perche e bello. Sembra un ragazzino inocente.
  4. metaljuve21

    Con l'avvento del web sono spariti gli intoccabili?

    Dybala non credo che sarebe piu forte di Micolli nei tempi di Del Piero.
  5. Let's wait for the bigger games and see how he plays in the last 16 or last 8 in champions league. And against Inter, Milan, Roma, etc. But for now he is doing better then expected. And that is saying a lot considering that Juventus now is putting its hopes in Morata:) The level of the team is lower then let's say 1-2 years ago.
  6. 9 per uscite. 6 per entrate. Siamo senza no. 9 e il centrocampo e una incognita. E un allenatore che indovina e si inventa cose che possono o non possono riuscire(vedi l ororre con cuadrado a sinistra e Kulu a destra nel 352). Non sonno italiano sorry for the mistakes.
  7. metaljuve21

    Roma - Juventus 2-2, commenti post partita

    Cuadrado a sinistra??????????????!!!!!????!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yes but the chances that Dybala will win even 10% of Benzema or Khedira carrier are 0%. So keeping Dybala just because is young has no guarantees because he is not a winner.
  9. Yes but you can't compare Dybala with Benzema. Mutliple Champions League winner against zero in Europe.
  10. metaljuve21

    Coronavirus COVID-19 (topic unico)

    CLAIM: Drop in cellphone users in China is proof that the coronavirus has killed 21 million in the country, far more than the official count. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The decline in cellphone users is not linked to the number of people who died after being infected with coronavirus. Major cellphone carriers in China attributed the drop to people with multiple phone numbers canceling some service during the outbreak. THE FACTS: Major cellphone carriers in China reported a loss of nearly 21 million subscriptions in January and February as the virus spread in the country. I know this is true because I leave in the area. They had some measures to kill the virus that in some countries they can only dream of. (They send robots thousands of robots from door to door to measure health sings and deliver food, they have an app for everything, I mean EVERYTHING.) And I am sorry to say, China is ahead of Italy, France, etc in terms of technology, organisation, infrastructure by 100 years.
  11. metaljuve21

    Inter - Juventus 1-2, commenti post partita

    Mi scusate ma il rigore c'era o no? Mi e sembrato che De Ligt non tocca a palla.

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