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  1. This. Personally speaking out of all this mess, I realised how hypocrite the supporters of the 12 clubs are. These past 3 days I've read thousands of messages of how football belongs to the poor. I wasn't surprised by the greed, of the clubs' owners they are millionaire investors and they want a return on their investments, neither by UEFA. Where have they been in the past 50 years or so? Football is business it's about money. Seeing Chelsea or Man City supporters protesting was just hilarious when you see how much the two clubs have spent in the past 20 years. The majority didn't complain when their respective teams were dropping a hundred million euro for just one player. If they really believe what they say they should 1) have started protesting long ago 2) protest against how football has been managed in the past years UEFA included. Football clubs have long taken an economic plan that is unsustainable in the long run the costs are ridiculous. Also how come these supporters didn't complain when Russia was assigned the Euro, after the invasion of Crimea, Putin's political opponents randomly dropping dead and the lack of rights for LGBT just to name a few. Or why they aren't in the streets protesting against the World Cup being held in Qatar known for their abysmal human rights track record while also it has proven that they pretty much bought the WC. Or why they didn't complain when they built stadiums for million of dollars in the middle of nowhere in South Africa for just 3 games or the destruction of favelas in Brazil for the 2016 World Cup.
  2. Allegri's last year at Juve wasn't the best of, the team sucked, we had to watch Dybala play in midfield. While I do agree that Allegri has his faults like every other coach. In the last 3 years the main issue was never the coach, changing coaches was a quick fix to the real problem. As you say in Italian Tutti I nodi Vengono al Pettine. This season is the result of years of mismanagement of resources, it has been going on since our first Champions League final. I do actually believe that Allegri's adaptability has made our cycle last longer. In the 5 years he was with us, he never started the season with the same team as the year before he always managed to patch up things with a team that was built without any form of strategy. Purchasing Higuain was the start of the domino effect, and I'm not saying this in hindsight I think I was one of the few people pissed off of his purchase. But everyone was happy since we messed with Napoli. In the mean time our best midfielder was sold and was substituted by Pjanic which I do believe was a good buy and Khedira with his injuries. As seasons went by no one cared to purchase players we actually need for our midfield. Two years ago Allegri told them about the issues that we are witnessing today. Instead of rebuilding the team with a coach that had proved his worth and adaptability they chose to get a coach that has a specific style of play. Combine that with a management that purchases players on what the market is offering and you make a complicated situation already worst.
  3. Fl-ahhar mhux qed ninzlu nilghabu biex ma naqlawx 4 imma actually nipruvaw.
  4. Credo che questo derivi dal fatto che tanti giocatori a quel tempo sono cresciuti giocando in strada e non come adesso che ga ad una tenera eta giocano per le scuole calcio, dove hai un sistema strutturato. Quando giochi in strada ti devi adattare al ambiente e usare di piu la testa.
  5. Giocatore per il J Medical, e sempre rotto.

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