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  1. Yes, entire Nou Camp was full of italians. Romania was a communist country at that time and romanian supporters were not allowed to travel in western countries. Anyway, we were very poor at that time, I can't imagine that many people would have money for such a trip. Still, there were some romanians at the game: wives and girlfriends of the players + some guys from communist party. All of them travelled with an official charter from Bucharest to Barcelona (so, no more than 200 persons ...)
  2. It's not only about Juve's fans from outside Italy. Every Ticketone customer who doesn't live in Italy can't contact Ticketone via phone call. And you know very well how you can discuss via emails.
  3. More than that, i made a new account. Other email, other details. Same problem.
  4. "If you reside in a country other than Italy and you are not in possession of a tax code, select the correct country and the code EE1 will appear in the form. It will not be necessary to insert any other code." What you gave me is for those who live in Italy. With EE1 I can buy tickets for concerts and other sports.
  5. I wrote earlier that I already did. It's not a problem of Juventus. They gave me a number of Ticketone in order to buy the ticket via phone call. Yesterday I spent more than 40 minutes on phone, in international calls with Juventus and Ticketone ....
  6. The phone they provided on their website (only 6 digits, special number) is not reachable from Romania. I found an email of Ticketone ([email protected]) and I send them an email. They didn't reply yet. I'm born in Romania, I live in Romania. For us is not necessary fiscal code (I don't have the option to insert the fiscal code, EE1 is generated automatically). More than that, like I already said, I can buy tickets for concerts or other sports. But for football games I can't.
  7. There are no "citta di nascita" or "citta di residenza" optiosn for those who are born outside Italy ! That options are active only for those who are born in Italy. Believe me, it's not the first time when I buy tickets from ticketone. It seems that currently Ticketone has a software problem.
  8. There is someone who still has this error when trying to buy ticket for a football game (not only Juve- Napoli, but every football game from Ticketone's offer) ? I have this problem for the last 2 days, I can't buy anything online. PS even if I select Italy as country (and any city as birthplace) I will still get an (different) error !
  9. Is the same problem for every football game from Ticketone offer. Some users, including me, are not able to buy tickets for any football game (not only Juventus- Napoli). On the other hand I can buy tickets for concerts etc. It's obviously a software problem of Ticketone. First time I tried two days ago, the problem still persist.
  10. 1. I contacted Juventus via phone call. They told me there is a problem of Ticketone (which i knew) and they provide me a phone number in order to buy tickets via phone. I told them to change the provider (Ticketone) because it's unacceptable to have so many problems. A big club like Juventus should have a decent provider which sell the tickets. 2. I called Ticketone. The operator told me that she can only sell tickets, the problems of website is not her problem, she can do nothing. I bought the ticket, with the seat selected by me. 3. The operator from Ticketone gave me an email adress in order to solve my problem. I will send an email and i will explain them the situation. Honesly, the situation it's unbelievable. I can't buy any ticket in sports category, no matter the game (but i can buy tickets for concerts etc). I tried various browsers, various IPs, various devices. It's impossible.
  11. Ticketone sucks big time. I tried to buy a ticket in last 24 hours but it was impossible. I tried from various devices, various IPs, various browsers, no way. Every time there is an error (in fact, I can't buy a ticket for any football game from ticketone's offer, but I can for concerts or other shows) PS I sent them an email, but didn't reply (obviously). I tried to call but their number is not reachable from Romania.
  12. I tried to buy ticket for Juventus- Napoli for more than a hour. I don't know what to say, it's impossible for me. After I select the ticket, the next step is "profile validation" where i have to type my country of birth. No matter what country I select (I'm born in Romania) I received the same error. In fact, I can't buy a ticket in entire "sport" category, no matter the event. It's possible to buy tickets for museums or concerts, not for sports events. Do you have same problem ?
  13. E una questione di buon senso vendere prima ai membri (j1897, b&w) e abia poi cominciare la vendita libera. Si tu credi che io sono juventino da ieri, sbagli. Sono juventino dalla fine degli anni 80. Ho una certa esperienza calcistica. Ho vissuto partite di calcio in 22 paesi, in molti stadi europei. Ho avuto "membership" ad vari club europei. Si tu credi che la Juve e perfetta , sbagli. Io ti dico che non e cosi. Infatti, Juve e lontano dall big club europei dal punto di vista "support". Io ha gia detto in altro thread che ho ricevutto il card Arsenal in 10 giorni (tempo di fabbricazione + spedizione). L''ho fatto solo perche, prima di Manchester- Juventus (martedi) si gioca Arsenal- Leicester (lunedi, a Londra). Io non vado perche no ho biglietto per Man Utd- Juve. Io non voglio scrivere tutte le mie esperienze con la Juve in ultimi anni. Ma sono cose inacceptabili per un grande club: per esempio, ho aspetatto 1h35 min in una grande fila alle casse delllo Stadium per ritirare il biglietto prima di Juventus- Lyon 1-1 (una centinaina di persone in una fila, una vera battaglia, una cosa vergognosa per Italia e per un club comme Juventus....). La partita era cominciata de 7 minuti quando ho ritirato il biglietto... Pensi che sia difficle da annunciare: "hanno biglietto per Man Utd- Juventus tutti quelli que hanno applicato prima di ora 11:57" ??? E molto semplice fare questo annuncio e non mantenere tutti in tensione per una chiamata (che non viene mai)
  14. If you still have J1897 without ticket, you shouldn't have a general sale (via AWE). It's a matter of respect for J1897 !!! Firstly you sell too (all) the members, only after that a general sale should follow (if will remain tickets available)

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