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  1. Never underestimate the importance of #cybersecurity https://t.co/NOHHkH67QE

  2. Malware attack failed caused routers breakdown. DTelekom confirms network not affected #cyberattack #DeutscheTelekom https://t.co/0gTU9L2820

  3. RT @eLearnSecurity: Years-old exploits still being used to attack InPage users and and various Asian banks. #zeroday https://t.co/eXcSRZknwT

  4. RT @eLearnSecurity: More than a dozen European countries hit by 'jackpotting' attacks, forcing ATMs to dispense cash. #hacking https://t.co…

  5. RT @zaproxy: We are now offering $1000 for RCE vulnerabilities in @owasp ZAP c/o @bugcrowd : https://t.co/aGd8CH2JTo

  6. Thank you MS16-032, got a #SystemShell through #PrivilegeEscalation on #Windows2012R2 and 0wn3d the machine! #lazyfriday #pentesting #r00t3d

  7. RT @BrianHonan: Tesla Fixes Critical Remote Hack Vulnerability https://t.co/soWYGkCMwm

  8. Ooops I did it again...Libero.it #password #database #hacked again, please change your password! #libero #hack https://t.co/NCXHab4BqH

  9. Sono un follower di "LA JUVE SIAMO NOI" di @Miss1897 su @spreaker http://t.co/f1D8Npw1

  10. " [...] Finally, our current production database for account passwords is salted as well as hashed, which provides an …http://t.co/9RPb5x46


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