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  1. Ynr390

    Guerra in Ucraina

  2. Ynr390

    Guerra in Ucraina

    traduzione in inglese qui (la fonte sembra seria ma non si sa mai edit: fonte rispettabile)
  3. Ynr390

    Guerra in Ucraina

  4. Ynr390

    Guerra in Ucraina

    era sarcasmo...
  5. Ynr390

    Guerra in Ucraina

    sta andando tutto come previsto, la russia ha l'occidente in scacco
  6. godo per la sconfitta degli sceicchi e di guardiola fortunatamente lampard non gioca a golf con abramovich
  7. nel report OPCW c'e scritto chiaramente (punti 6 e 10) On 6 March, the DAT gave an informal briefing to the States Parties on the technical aspects and the current status of all outstanding issues related to the initial declaration and submissions of the Syrian Arab Republic. The Secretariat remains unable to confirm that the Syrian Arab Republic has submitted a declaration that can be considered accurate and complete in accordance with the Convention and the decisions of the Council. With regard to the special mission conducted in response to the request of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Secretariat deployed a team of experts between 6 and 12 February. Despite some logistical and security challenges, five sites were visited and a summary of the findings was issued as a Note by the Secretariat, S/1596/2018 (dated 2 March 2018). The experts observed a number of chlorine cylinders and a storage tank containing an acidic substance.
  8. mi rifiuto di credere che i ribelli si siano avvelenati da soli (donne e bambini compresi) per poi arrendersi 4 giorni dopo. proprio non ci riesco
  9. ci sono i video online degli effetti dell'attacco. Per ovvi motivi non posso postarli, cerca HeshmatAlavi su twitter.

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