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  1. RT @Maliciouslink: Local news had a segment on the Delta hack and interviewed a local security company. Two of the employees at the company…

  2. RT @LeoBazzz: Deadline is coming #ProjectMangement https://t.co/T9KRgzQUI1

  3. RT @officialmaz: Mentre riflettiamo su come la tragedia di domenica scorsa potrebbe cambiare il modo di vivere e raccontare il calcio ital…

  4. @FASTWEBHelp buongiorno, avrei bisogno di un indirizzo IP statico.

  5. RT @konotaromp: I have appointed Pikachu and Hello Kitty as Ambassador to promote the City of Osaka for the 2025 Expo host city. https://t.…

  6. New cloud-based keylogger slowly gaining momentum among criminals https://t.co/RQtsjSietS via @gcluley

  7. RT @phretor: Uncovering the Inner Workings of #EyePyramid, from 2010 to 2016 https://t.co/CyuDuMaQMi cc/ @TrendLabs @TrendMicroItaly @ITAS

  8. RT @SwiftOnSecurity: With latest Reader update, Adobe is automatically prompting users to install a Chrome extension which includes telemet…

  9. RT @binitamshah: Cloudflare 90min 5xx outage caused by leap second bug : https://t.co/uchmcJEsvG

  10. RT @climagic: "Thank God for goto's." -- Linux 0.01 kernel source fs/buffer.c

  11. RT @XipiterSec: This is a photo of a map of the ENTIRE Internet in 1973. There are more microcontrollers in the average home than nodes in…

  12. RT @briankrebs: The hacker who installed ransomware on thousands of San Fran light rail systems on Friday has himself been hacked https://t…

  13. RT @boredpanda: 25+ Hilarious Conversations Between Obama And Biden Are The Best Medicine After This Election: https://t.co/ke1mJQBYQx #Bid


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