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  1. The rules are only for those arriving, not the ones leaving. If anyone wants to leave, please do so now, it is less sick we need to help. As humanity we need to join together to get through this thing. I am deeply saddened to see television footage from Italy, but if I was there I would be looking to leave as soon as possible, preferably solo, off grid. In these times I love our Maori term 'Kia kaha", which is "be strong", but is not arrogant or macho, more mental strength as well as physical. I wish you all good health in these times.
  2. If we are to have an Italian #1, my preference would be for Alex Meret. He just seams to be the right kind of player for Juve. Dollarumma is a spoiled brat, not for us!
  3. I have the same and socks, but not the shorts (I think they were black at top to white on the legs with a checker pattern). That was a nice third kit that year (2015/16?).
  4. The brush stroke stripes looks unfinished and untidy. The second is an acceptable second shirt, but not great. I like the third kit, but only because my club team (Hornby United - https://www.sporty.co.nz/hornbyunitedafc) play in tangerine and black as we were founded by Dutch. I will probably buy the third kit to wear at training.
  5. The headline had me not liking this article, but then this piece of beauty from our (stand-in) captain makes me think our team is still working on how we keep true to our core values with a great defense and ensuring an exciting attacking style of football to enjoy.
  6. Did any real Juve fan buy last year's shirt, and will any of us buy the new shirt? I will buy a new, proper, Juventus shirt when Adidas stop messing with our kits. It's all well and good for the plastic fans of other clubs to purchase ordinary shirts, but that's not for those of us who support Juve. Please give me a shirt I'm happy to buy and proud to wear next year.
  7. He is the one player we have who can change a game and upset opposing teams when he enters the pitch. Although this may only be for a few games each year, we need someone like him. So yes keep, but at low cost.
  8. Adidas and Puma were founded by brothers. It seams a shame that a feud between the brothers 70 years ago prevents a good gesture between these two football club friends.
  9. I want Juve to continue winning, and so want Sarri to be successful. But I only see him as a second place specialist. Serie B (second division) winner, 2nd in Serie A, Europa League (European second league) winner. Most of all I want to see class befitting a Juventus manager that he has not shown before. At 60 years old can he grow to be a good enough Juve coach? I hope so.
  10. Skippy5

    FT Women's World Cup | Australia-Italia 1-2

    Well done to our ladies. As a New Zealander and Italian supporter, I enjoyed this more than most! Giuliani was great, Sara was sensational and Bonansea was brilliant! I will watch my NZ ladies with ex-Juve Katie Rood and hope we meet late in the tournament (either way, I win these matches) 🙂
  11. I only want the trophy that is difficult. If we beat only the easier teams to win the Champions League, what worth is that? In the last four seasons we have only been knocked out by Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, and we have beaten each of them too. To play another recent finalist in the round of sixteen, and then maybe another two before the final would ensure our greatness in lifting the great jug this year.
  12. http://global.espn.com/football/blog/espn-fc-united/68/post/3700446/from-neymarmbappe-and-cavani-to-messicoutinho-and-suarez-the-best-attacking-trios-in-football ESPN rates the 5 teams with the best atacking trios as Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain and Tottenham Hotspur. No mention of Cristiano Ronaldo, Paulo Dybala and Mario Mandzukic and the fact that when they need a break we have Douglas Costa and Federico Bernardeschi to help out. Where would you rate our forwards and why? Here's my picks; Barcelona - Probably the closest to our team, one undeniable star, one very good srtiker and a link man with wonderful technique. I think Mario has it over Suarez for his work rate in tight games. Liverpool - While they do well when given space, they struggle to break down better defensive units, our lads constantly find ways to get results in these situations. Manchester City - With Sane's pace and Aguero's determination combined with Sterling's developing technique providing a link between the middle of the park and the forwards, this trio is also similat to Barcelona and Juve. I think man-for man they are not quite at the same level as the top two. Paris Saint Germain - I think there is a real danger in this team to define who is the main star, if they can organise and play together they will be the best, however, the displays by Neymar verse Liverpool show a man desperate to grab the spotlight by any means. Tottenham Hotspur - Why is this team listed here? Yes Harry Kane is quite good, but Eriksen would not make the other four squads (or Juve's) and Dele Alli is not fit to tie Moise Kean's boots! In short Barcelona and Juve top, Manchester City close behind then Paris Saint Germain and Liverpool with Tottenham Hotspur outside the top ten (who else would you have in a top ten?).
  13. I own 3 shirts (2013/14 home, 2014/15 3rd, 2017/18 home), 2 shorts (2016/17 home & away) , 3 socks (2014/15 home & 3rd & 2016/17 away), but I will not buy this year's shirts and if these are for next year, I will not buy them either! Please make narrow stripes on the home shirt and pink and white for the away. Maybe then I have to buy both !
  14. It's an old problem. How to introduce young players into a top level team that is expected to win? If they are good enough players, they come straight in and perform better than the older players. But if they are not good enough yet then what? Do you loan them to another club and hope they get the required coaching to make them better, do you create a second team to play lower in the divisions and ensure good coaching? Ultimately if a lad like Moise Kean can not play for the U23 team or the First team then what is the point to having this? Will he be like Mattia Caldara next year? Sold to make way for someone currently better. I wish I had answers for this. I am at a small community club and every year we struggle to integrate our youth players into the senior teams. The tipping balance between nurturing and teaching, and an expectation to perform and produce results, is always underestimated by both the players and coaches. I think having U23 teams in Serie C will benefit both the FIGC and clubs, but there is a lot of planing to arrange how it will best work to suit all outcomes.
  15. We must continue to respect all opponents and play within our game plans. If we underestimate a rival we can be overcome by the inferior. MA has us playing with a great maturity and belief, to stray from this path would be the work of fools.

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