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  1. Skippy5

    Se n'è andato Gianluca Vialli, aveva 58 anni

    A great sorrow to hear this. Rest in peace champion ❤️
  2. Happy Birthday dear Old Lady. I've only had 34 years of this passion, but I absolutely love how this club began and has conducted their business through these magnificent 125 years. I especially love seeing the young players getting their chance in the first team (and doing very well at the moment), after all we are Juventus ❤️
  3. I have to admit I do love watching Marco. Wonderful football player and such a beautiful man ❤️
  4. 1988, a group of school friends in Christchurch, New Zealand, each with a (then) English First Division team. Myself and one other had Liverpool, so one of us had to give up and choose another. I lost the coin toss and said I couldn't choose another English team, so my friend (a Chilean lad) said to me "well you like Italy, and you like cars, and you support the All Whites (New Zealand football team) and the All Blacks (New Zealand rugby team), so why not support an Italian club owned by car makers that play in all white and black". After that Pedro used to translate articles from South American football magazines so I could follow my new favorite team. Thankfully for the internet and global television it is so much easier to follow my team from the other side of the world. One day I hope to get to the stadium to share my love of this club with all of you that go every week.
  5. Skippy5

    Juventus - Sassuolo 3-0, commenti post partita

    I only saw the first 30min as I had to go to work. Happy we were up 1-0 thanks Di Maria, but worried we might slip as there was a bad 15mins I saw. From what was posted here and on Juve website it looks like the fragility of the last couple of years may have passed.
  6. Dino Zoff is the player for which I follow Juve after watching him in the 1982 World Cup. While Buffon is probably better especially on the criteria given, I have Zoff as my number 1 and Gigi as my number 1A. For third I think you can make daylight as these two were so great for our club and for the national team as well.
  7. With numbers 27 - Locatelli and 28 - Zakaria in our engine room, I remember the Ferrari Formula 1 team of the 1980's. I only hope we have more success than the Prancing Horse. (Note that Arrivabene has presented both players on signing.)
  8. I own 2 of the featured shirts, the 2013/14 (photo with Tevez), given to me by my community football team for my 40th birthday, and the black and gold of 2015/16 I bought myself. I do love the Ariston of Platini (center white stripe and 11 stripes) although for modern game could do without the collar. I also love the Pink Star shirt (I think 2010/11?) though and I must make special mention of the Orange and Black camouflage from last year only because these are my community football club's colors (and of course I bought this shirt).
  9. Oh gosh no, what a horrible thought, I am a New Zealander 😂! I was given the nickname Skippy in my job 20 years ago due to 'skipping out things in what I produce' and it worked it's way into my community football club as I encouraged some of my work mates to join my team.
  10. I was wrong to think he was a bad choice when first appointed, now I say 'yes' and hope I'm right this time.
  11. Skippy5

    Torino - Juventus 2-2, commenti post partita

    From the very start of this match, it looked like we were playing a training ground game. There was no intensity to our play. Players shaking hands and sharing jokes with the opposition. I thought at the 2-2 there might be a spark of life from our team, but it just did not eventuate. The manager must motivate the team to play with desire to perform, and unfortunately I do not see Pirlo giving enough encouragement. When we concede so many goals immediately after hearing the bosses words it can only mean the boss is not saying the right things.
  12. Early in this season we lost too many points with poor defending when in winning positions (complacent, tiki-taki play across the backs). Now that the pressure is on the team to get wins, the forwards are snatching at chances and not relaxed enough to ensure scoring when in good positions. I don't want to make Pirlo the scapegoat, but I do think a more experienced boss would have managed these situations better, and I'm really disappointed he didn't get a year or two with the 23's to work out how to deal with the ups and downs of a season. I do think he will be a very good manager in the future.
  13. Skippy5

    Juventus - Porto 3-2 (DTS), commenti post partita

    At 114:00 I said "don't jump". At 115:00 I yelled "I SAID 'DON'T JUMP'!" We had 4 good shouts for a penalty in the last 125 minuets of this tie, but none given, they get 1 soft penalty, how is this right? Morata must do better with his chances, Bentancur/Szczesny lost this tie for us in the first minuet, from there most of the team did well to get back into it, but ultimately this was decided by bad refereeing decisions on balance.
  14. I remember, with delight, dancing down the sideline and past the opposition bench after my community club team scored in a final. Part of my action was to inspire my team, and another part was to upset the other team. I was a little desperate as our club had not won anything for many years, but after we were victorious I apologized to the opposition coach because my behavior was beyond what should be acceptable. When we are properly passionate about the games we play it can over run and bad things happen, but then after, true character needs to be revealed and usually this involves saying "sorry".

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