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  1. First we have the University of Defending according to Chiellini & Bonucci, and now to teach our younger team we employ il professore. I can see this working well for our club, I would love to learn from the maestro.
  2. At the time of appointment I said that Sarri is a second place specialist. At this point, with a genuine winning team, he has not broken with his abilities. To list achievements; Promotions from lower leagues - not usually from finishing first in those leagues Second in Serie A - twice Second in Coppa Italia Winner of the second league of Europe This is not the credentials of a champion we demand to lead us to where we want to be. Let him see out the season and deliver the trophy with the big ears or else change is required.
  3. Skippy5

    Perché secondo voi Pjanic ci sta deludendo?

    In answer to your pole, yes. It is a bit of all of those. Mostly I think his role under Sarri is contained in the middle, where as before there was more freedom of playing box-to-box. For any team the boss and the midfield director must be as one, at the moment for us, this does not work so something must change. We will see in 8 weeks if it is Sarri or Pjanic.
  4. Cannavaro is why I have 5 on my shirts from 2005 and 2006. At first I thought to change, but his leaving allowed Juve to rebuild. Now I had thought of changing to number 3 (for Gama), but I think I'll keep 5 for a bit longer.
  5. I agree. Always there should be an odd number of stripes, I don't care either white or black in the middle, but for total there should be at least 11 stripes.
  6. I have the same and socks, but not the shorts (I think they were black at top to white on the legs with a checker pattern). That was a nice third kit that year (2015/16?).
  7. The brush stroke stripes looks unfinished and untidy. The second is an acceptable second shirt, but not great. I like the third kit, but only because my club team (Hornby United - https://www.sporty.co.nz/hornbyunitedafc) play in tangerine and black as we were founded by Dutch. I will probably buy the third kit to wear at training.
  8. The headline had me not liking this article, but then this piece of beauty from our (stand-in) captain makes me think our team is still working on how we keep true to our core values with a great defense and ensuring an exciting attacking style of football to enjoy.
  9. Did any real Juve fan buy last year's shirt, and will any of us buy the new shirt? I will buy a new, proper, Juventus shirt when Adidas stop messing with our kits. It's all well and good for the plastic fans of other clubs to purchase ordinary shirts, but that's not for those of us who support Juve. Please give me a shirt I'm happy to buy and proud to wear next year.
  10. He is the one player we have who can change a game and upset opposing teams when he enters the pitch. Although this may only be for a few games each year, we need someone like him. So yes keep, but at low cost.
  11. Adidas and Puma were founded by brothers. It seams a shame that a feud between the brothers 70 years ago prevents a good gesture between these two football club friends.
  12. I want Juve to continue winning, and so want Sarri to be successful. But I only see him as a second place specialist. Serie B (second division) winner, 2nd in Serie A, Europa League (European second league) winner. Most of all I want to see class befitting a Juventus manager that he has not shown before. At 60 years old can he grow to be a good enough Juve coach? I hope so.
  13. Skippy5

    FT Women's World Cup | Australia-Italia 1-2

    Well done to our ladies. As a New Zealander and Italian supporter, I enjoyed this more than most! Giuliani was great, Sara was sensational and Bonansea was brilliant! I will watch my NZ ladies with ex-Juve Katie Rood and hope we meet late in the tournament (either way, I win these matches) 🙂
  14. I only want the trophy that is difficult. If we beat only the easier teams to win the Champions League, what worth is that? In the last four seasons we have only been knocked out by Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, and we have beaten each of them too. To play another recent finalist in the round of sixteen, and then maybe another two before the final would ensure our greatness in lifting the great jug this year.

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