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  1. A little off topic. SERGIONE non ti vergogna avere quel avatar ???
  2. In Canada things are semi-shutdown. "Essential" services are still active. I am classified as essential so I am still working but our procedures have changed. That being said, it's slow, so I have more free time than usual. I spend my free time 1) watching you tube videos 2) playing online poker 3) hoping Italy has a revolution and knocks these morons in power out and leaves the EU with a big FU
  3. aconte8

    Il pre-partita di VecchiaSignora: Juventus-Spal

    blaa blaa blaa.... It's SPAL.....
  4. I think tek’s mistake was worse than rabiot’s.
  5. Not sure if they deserve it because of that... Also, Italy is the only team that hasn't let in a goal in regular play....only 2 pk...
  6. It's like you read my mind....How was there no topic for the women's world cup? It going to be tuff, but i think they can beat holland. Italy has let in 0 real goals this tournament. I'm worried about yellow cards. Anyone know when they get wiped out?
  7. aconte8

    VIDEO Ajax-Juventus 1-1, gli highlights

    Can and Chiellini, this game would have been a different story.
  8. so what no video of the confrence?? how about highlights of the game and post match interviews??? are those done too?
  9. aconte8

    Quanti gol segnerà CR7 in stagione?

    ah coppe comprese.. 30-40
  10. aconte8

    Centrocampo Juve 2018/19

    La dutilita di Emere Can e incredible. Klopp l'anno scorso lo ha fatto giocare in tutti le ruole di centro campo e in diverse formazione. Le prestazione migliore di Emre Can sono state quando ha giocate centrale in un centro campo a 3 dove per ora gioca Miralem. Emre Can sa giocare tranquilmente a 1)destra 2) sinstra 3) e un centrocampo a due in tutti le formazione imaginabele. Klopp le ha provato tutti nel 2017/18......
  11. aconte8

    Siti scommesse

    Ok so here it is wrapped up for you guys.... Any serious bettor 1) NEVER ACCEPTS A DEPOSIT BONUS ----READ RULES ON BONUSES 2) Here for American Sports AGAIN IF YOU ARE SERIOUS you accounts at a)Pinnacle b) Bookmaker or Bet Cris c) 5dimes or Heritage and then d) a heavily advertised like BET365 or SportsInteraction or Bodog. You need to line shop at the books that have the best lines wich are books a)-c) and you need an advertised book d) for inflated lines on underdogs because the Public LOVES betting favourites. Now all these books I mentioned offer european football. Not sure which book offers better lines. Research it. 5% cheaper juice at then end of the year can make a BIG difference. PS. I have withdrawn money several times on BET365 and have NEVER had any issues.
  12. se non siamo un top club chi lo e ? il man c?

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