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  1. I said it earlier....Higuain is in amazing form right now.....with sari as the coach he scores 50+ this year easy
  2. Juventus - Tottenham 2-2, commenti post partita

    guys you talk about gonzalo but in all honesty....with the form he is in right now....if sarri was the coach....gonazlo would hit like 50+ goals easy this year....... Higuain is in his PRIME and on it right now.....he plays way to far away from the net.......
  3. Juventus - Tottenham 2-2, commenti post partita

    Tottenham is's so obvious it's not even funny....Juve played like absolute shit and still could of won the game....
  4. Juventus - Tottenham 2-2, commenti post partita

    yesterday had nothing to do with tottenham.....yesterday was all juventus.....
  5. Did you guys watch Tottenham vs Arsenal on Saturday?????? For starters I think the premier league is a joke. I think for the most part maybe for the exception of of Man City now with Guardiola and Man United playing shitty mourinho football that the soccer played in the premier league fucking sucks. Watching that Arsenal game on saturday was tough. It looked like a bloody youth league. How you guys even think Tottenham is on the same level as Juventus is beyond anything in my wildest imagination. You guys realize that Juventus along with Barcellona and Real Madrid has been the class of European Football for the last 3 years?????????????????????????????????????????. They scored 1 goal against a shitty arsenal with NO defense or defenders and almost got socred on 3X in the lat 5 minutes of the game by the same shitty arsenal who couldn't put together 1 solid attack all game long against a shitty Tottenham defense........
  6. Salary Cap yes. The other won't work...they draft in the NFL and NHL....where would teams in serie A draft from?...That won't happen...But i do think they can implement a hard salary cap...maybe even a soft cap if you make the player play out his contract he initially signed for... example: Juve sign's buys dybala from palermo and signs him for 3mil/year for 3 years. At the end of the 3 years Juventus is already at their league designated cap. Since dybala has played out his contract Juventus can go over their cap to sign him but will have to pay a luxury tax. This will prevent a team from coming in and saying come here i will give you 6mil if they have the cap space....Juventus can have the option to sign him for 6mil.... Teams really won't have all this room to go and sign who they want....It would for sure make it interesting...
  7. So I'm one of the few who wants to avoid Monaco in the semi's eh... I think over the course of two legs this year it will be best to Atletico Madrid. I DO NOT want to play Atletico Madrid in the final. I say play Atletico now and let Real Madrid deal with a super pumped and motivated Monaco who has nothing to loose. Just 2cents coming from a guy who smelt and bet(3x) Cardiff a while ago. and speaking of Cardiff.... Man o Man $2500 for a corner seat probably at the top of the house. Can any of you guys buy seats from Juventus it's self if they make the final. I am so interested in going but spending 5-7K on good seats + flight and hotel is a little crazy. Porbably looking at a $10,000 weekend. Im only an electrician who makes a little here and the on sports. Can anyone help out?
  8. Siti scommesse

    Ok so here it is wrapped up for you guys.... Any serious bettor 1) NEVER ACCEPTS A DEPOSIT BONUS ----READ RULES ON BONUSES 2) Here for American Sports AGAIN IF YOU ARE SERIOUS you accounts at a)Pinnacle b) Bookmaker or Bet Cris c) 5dimes or Heritage and then d) a heavily advertised like BET365 or SportsInteraction or Bodog. You need to line shop at the books that have the best lines wich are books a)-c) and you need an advertised book d) for inflated lines on underdogs because the Public LOVES betting favourites. Now all these books I mentioned offer european football. Not sure which book offers better lines. Research it. 5% cheaper juice at then end of the year can make a BIG difference. PS. I have withdrawn money several times on BET365 and have NEVER had any issues.
  9. se non siamo un top club chi lo e ? il man c?
  10. Poker Texas Hold'em

    for me the passion comes from beating people at discretionary games where you have to outhink the competition
  11. Poker Texas Hold'em

    so check this out I go play the monthly game at the poker club i play most often at. The buy-in is $150.00 but i'm playing for free beacuse i won a seat to it...this club is great they give away stuff all the time.... 120 players 1st pays $ 10 get $$ 11 and 12 get free seat for next month... we are down to about 14-15 players at this point... There is a guy sitting 2 seats to the left of me with no chips well very little chips.....he folds his big blind and folds his small blind.....He is left now with less the 1 big blind.....couple hands pass and he gets his chips in. There are two other people in the hand with him all-in.... lady sitting to the left of me bet's out on the flop???????????????????????? thwe other guy folds(the winning hand but couldn't call the all-in bet from the lady) and the guy all-in wins the hand makes some chips.... Couple more hands pass he makes some more chips and now has gone from about 4-5K in chips to about 80-90K in chips.... We are now down to 12 players left 2 away from final table.... Recap: 1) He folds big blind and small blind when he should of calles 2) Got lucky to be left in game cause lady made winning hand fold 3) Has gone from 4-5K to about 80-90K I had a premeditated all-in planned on his big blind no matter what 2 cards I had. It was his big blind I look down see K-10 not like it mattered what they were and I go all-in to get the 18K in blinds + the ante in the pot.... This idiot after all that happened to him call's me.....What the bitch is that he CALLS the ACTION not makes the action but calls the action....all his chips I had 1500K more than him....he calls me the goofball with 12 players left with a A-10. How do you call that in this scenario after what just happened to you?????????????????????????? A-10 i mean AJAQAK1010JJQQKKAA all have you rocked and any pair under 99 your racing???????is it worth it at that point..... came in 12th got free seat for next month.....still spinning a little bit.....